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Roof Cavity Cleaning

When did you last clean under your roof? 

Whether you just want a cleaner living space or have specific health needs like chronic allergies and asthma, Suntile Roofing’s professional roof vacuum service returns your cavity into an unspoiled zone without dirt or pests. Over several years, layers of accumulated dust and particle toxins form on the beams and in the insulation. Left untreated, your batts become less effective and your beams rotten, costing you money. Rather than facing that expense, send the Suntile Roofing staff up into the roof cavity to assess the cleanliness of your insulation batts. With the latest developments in dust-free vacuum technology, Suntile Roofing removes the dirt and keeps your home fresh.  Your home will thank you for the transformation that occurs after our staff vacuum out and remove old insulation. 

Don’t Let Animals Soil Your Home

A clean roof cavity is far less appealing to pests, so your home is cleaner for longer. Avoid the lingering smell of dead mice, the sneaky footsteps of rats, and the nasty surprise of a swarm of anything. Don’t face a litter of baby rodents or an ant mound – send up the experts who will take care of the problem and stop it from housing unwanted guests.

Breathe Easy - Improve The Air Quality In Your Home

Every time you open the manhole to your roof cavity, whatever toxins are there can move into the airflow of the house. Who wants to breathe in mould and dust, asbestos and synthetic fibres? Even if you don’t have chronic headaches, asthma or respiratory illness, you can still prioritise a liveable space that doesn’t compromise your health.  Chat with Suntile Roofing about the best actions to take in your unique situation

Invest Now and Save for the Future

Apart from the danger it poses to breathing, mould is an expensive issue in your roof. If left untreated, mould can seep through the roof to the batts and ceiling, continuing down the walls. The odour is very unpleasant, and the cost of replacing and repainting is far more than prevention! Make sure mould is erased by having a regular roof cavity cleaning with Suntile. 

Each house is unique, so contact Suntile Roofing to discuss how cavity cleaning and roof vacuuming will make a difference in your home. For clients who would like additional options, please ask Brent about laying new insulation batts.

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