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Leaf Guard

Protect your roof and gutters from leaves and debris

It might seem like a small thing, but keeping leaves, twigs, dirt and dust out of your gutters is a key part of protecting your property.

Left untreated, the build-up of organic materials in your gutters will eventually create a mix of mud and plant matter that will encourage the growth of grasses and weeds, causing water to collect which, in turn, creates rust.

Additionally, no matter where you live, throughout summer this collection of leaf and plant matter in your gutter creates an unnecessary bushfire hazard that could result in ember attack causing a house fire.

How does leaf and gutter guard help protect my home?

Using high quality, industry leading products, the SunTile Roofing team will install leaf and gutter guards to give you complete coverage for your home.

Our gutter guard is durable and appealing, and available in a range of popular colourbond colours to ensure it matches your existing roof style and look.

Perfect for both inland and coastal areas, our roofing contractor team will ensure you get a long lasting solution to any guttering issue.

This process is simple and affordable, and equates to significant cost savings in the long term, as your home will be better protected from water and debris build up, as well as better protected in the event of major bushfires.

Let us protect your home with leaf and gutter guards

To get an obligation and cost free quote for the installation of leaf and gutter guard, simply give us a call and we’ll come over to inspect your roof and gutters.

Covering Warrnambool, Colac, Terang, Cobden, Koroit, Portland and surrounding areas, the SunTile Roofing team can help you with any leaf guard project.

Give our roofing contractor team a call to find out more about our services, or to discuss our leaf and gutter guard services!

We had a lot of trouble with gum leaves and twigs in our gutters until we contacted Brent. He installed a form of gutter guard to our colourbond roof and gutters. Problem solved as no longer do the gutters need to be cleaned every month, a lot of time saved and money well spent. I would have no hesitation in recommending Brent, he is a friendly, honest and professional tradesman.

- Lyn McConnell

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